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In the midst of the Masai Mara Game reserve, Mara coffee Exports Ltd
is a project that Mr S.K. Shah has initiated as way to introduce masai community (who are culturally pastrolists) to growing coffee within the region as an alternative to pastoralism aiming to bring social and economic balance to the local communities.

Mr. Shah the founder of the company is focused on opening this whole region to coffee especially due to the suitability of the climate and altitude are suitable for coffee growing and he strongly believes that this will indeed upgrade their living standards like education, health care, and purchasing power.

Mara Coffee Exports Limited is a revolution in the coffee industry, says Mr Shah, as it a new territory that Kenya had never considered in the over 40 years of growing coffee in Kenya.

The company is committed to supporting the communities by distributing two million coffee seedlings on 100% loan basis and also providing an extensive team as a support to encourage all the communities to grow coffee.

The company is currently growing specialty grade coffee on nearly 100 acres which is situated 1,800 meters above sea level. The company aims to produce the highest quality of Arabica coffee by ensuring
only red ripened cherries are picked during harvesting to ensure quality.

The company is also taking conscious measures to minimize any adverse effects on the environment. All products used in the plantation are certified and recommended as safe by both the Government and International Agencies.

Within the next 5 years the company projects to support between 12,000-15,000 families and extend activities to build local schools,sport centres healthcare centres for the communities.